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7 Tips To Help Your Workout Routine Become Habit

7 Tips To Help Your Workout Routine Become Habit

Learn how to keep your fitness routine and exercise cycle consistent and effective with 7 essential habits for a healthy workout that works

Self improvement can become a pathological obsession for many of us. With all the social pressures to become more intelligent, rich, healthy and/or good-looking, plus the wealth of promising information available on how to improve ourselves, there is no surprise that self improvement can greatly influence our lives.

7 tips for a successful fitness routine 7 Tips To Help Your Workout Routine Become Habit

One of the most popular topics for self improvement is our health. Articles and publications are forever boasting quick easy solutions for improved including hip new diets and fail safe workout routines guaranteed to get you in shape quick. The real truth is that there is no shortcut to success and when it comes to exercise, this is certainly no exception.

When the time comes that you decide to get more fit and start working out, how can you help yourself stick to your new routine?

The key lies in making your fitness routine become a habit, not a chore.

7 Habits To Help You In The Pursuit Of Fitness


7 tips for a successful fitness routine 1 7 Tips To Help Your Workout Routine Become Habit

One of the hardest parts of adopting a new routine in the name of fitness is gaining the motivation to go to the gym. People often find themselves making excuses about how they do not have time, until this becomes a habit and they stop going altogether. A helpful tip to keep your self motivated is to remember why you started getting fit in the first place, perhaps you were not happy with your physical appearance or maybe you just wanted to improve your cardiovascular performance. The more you notice your self improving, the less you will want to return to your pre-fitness routine state.

Set your self goals both short and long term, achieving your small markers will keep you motivated to reach your long term goals.

This can be as simple as periodically increasing the weights you lift or increasing the distances you run, or row on the equipment.


7 tips for a successful fitness routine 2 7 Tips To Help Your Workout Routine Become Habit

This habit is directly related to motivation. Desire can be a key trigger to fuel our motivation to get fit.For many man, the desire to lift more heavy weights is enough to keep them in the gym and training. For other workouts it is a good idea to find something you enjoy, that way it is easier to push yourself to achieve your goals. When your body is tired and you feel like finishing shy of your targets, your mental strength and desire can give you the power to carry on.


7 tips for a successful fitness routine 3 7 Tips To Help Your Workout Routine Become Habit

To reflect upon your days workout is a powerful habit that is often overlooked, not only can this help you assess your technique and how you can improve, it can also fuel both your desire and your motivation to succeed. If you had a good day on the bench press, or you set a record time for your run, you should hold on to that for the rest of the day. Was your technique flawless? How can you improve?

Thinking about the goals you achieved makes you feel great, with the endorphins still flowing giving you a natural high, it will be much easier to return to the gym for your next session

Taking a look in the mirror is another good way to reflect upon your progress. Seeing the first hint of abdominal muscles after years of a beer gut may be all the motivation you need to burn off that stubborn bit of remaining fat.

You can also use the mirror as a way of setting your goals, for example once you start to loose body fat, you may notice that certain parts of your body are underdeveloped, do not let this get you down, use this as an opportunity to set another goal for yourself.


7 tips for a successful fitness routine 4 7 Tips To Help Your Workout Routine Become Habit

After a good work out it is essential to give our muscles time to repair and grow, one of the biggest mistakes people make is to return to the gym after not giving the muscles enough time to recover. If you chose to return to the gym whilst your muscles are still sore and weak you will find that you can not work to the maximum of your ability. It can be extremely discouraging to think you are not progressing.

Resting does not mean you should forget about your fitness routine and sit around doing nothing. You can use this time to better your mental well being by doing memory exercises or perhaps something creative. A healthy mind and positive thoughts all play a part in maintaining your fitness routine.

Run through your goals for the next session and try to set yourself new ones whenever possible.

Try to focus your mind on your muscle development. Meditating on the muscles and tissues, visualizing them healing and growing is thought to help the overall process.


7 tips for a successful fitness routine 5 7 Tips To Help Your Workout Routine Become Habit

Eating a regular well balanced diet is an essential habit to adopt if you are trying to improve your health. For some, calorie counting is a must to keep their weight down but for those who have never tried to count calories before, it is possible to maintain a healthy diet by simply eating natural foods such as fish, chicken, eggs, wholemeal bread/rice/pasta. If you have to be strict with the foods you eat, try to set up a weekly meal plan. It can be a bit of pain to plan out your food, but over time you will find more suitable dishes to add to the list, you will then be able to devise a healthy plan with lots of variation.

If you are focusing on strength training and weight lifting, the amount of protein you consume will be the main concern when it comes to eating.

The amount of protein you should consume on a daily basis is debatable but many fitness experts suggest that 1g of protein per pound of body weight is optimal. Therefore, if you weight 200lbs, you should try to get 200g of protein each day.

Good sources of protein include egg, chicken, tuna and beef. There is also the option of taking protein powders however they usually work out more expensive.


7 tips for a successful fitness routine 6 7 Tips To Help Your Workout Routine Become Habit

Although it may seem obvious, if you want to get bigger, faster or have more stamina, your workout requires progression. As your body adapts to your routine, the weight, amount of reps, or the distance you run, will no longer be challenging for your muscles. This will halt your progression and in turn, discourage you from pushing harder.

Be sure to increase your workout slowly and steadily, keeping your body in a constant state of change. Try to find new ways to work the same muscles differently to give yourself a better overall body strength.


7 tips for a successful fitness routine 7 7 Tips To Help Your Workout Routine Become Habit

Consistency is the single most important habit of any workout routine. What usually starts out as a new years resolution, for many soon becomes a chore and never becomes a habit. The best way to make going to the gym a part of your routine; is simply to go, no excuses, no time wasting, just go. When you are there, focus all your energy on your goals, each new achievement will give you all the desire you need to come back and work hard again.

If you go to the gym (or workout at home) consistently at the same time every day for a long enough period of time it will soon become a habit.

You should be consistent in all areas of your fitness plan. Always take care to progress your workouts, motivate yourself, rest well, eat well and reflect upon your achievements and goals.

Soon going to the gym and your new healthy lifestyle will be a part of your life; you won’t even need to think about it anymore.


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