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3D Surgery Simulator For Doctors

3D Surgery Simulator For Doctors

New 3D simulation allows doctors to practice surgeries on your body…

Researchers at Stanford University are currently developing a training technology that will allow doctors to rehearse surgical procedures before the patient reaches the operating room.

The demonstration project, called the Stanford Rhino­logical Virtual Surgical Environment (VSE), uses a haptic interface mechanical feedback that simulates the sense of touch developed by SensAble Technologies of Woburn, Massachusetts.



The VSE system combines that interface with a set of detailed CT scans, taken before the operation, to create a digital “body double” of the patient.

Using the patient’s own scans in the simulation could greatly assist doctors performing surgery near critical parts such as the optic nerve and carotid artery, where damage could cause permanent debilitation or death. In such operations, knowing the precise quirks of an individual’s anatomy is crucial to a successful outcome.

Kenneth Salisbury, a professor in Stanford’s departments of computer science and surgery, says that tactile feedback combined with the personalized information gives the VSE system a big advantage over current medical training simulations that use virtual surgery.

“Existing systems allow you to move surrogate instruments around, watch how they look on the screen, and learn to make movements in the correct direction,” he says, adding, “It starts to get more interesting when you add the feeling and the reaction of tissue.”

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