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26 Year Old Baby Is Worlds Smallest Man

26 Year Old Baby Is Worlds Smallest Man

Surgeons shocked by 26 year old with the body of a two year old…

Doctors were astonished to find that Jerly Lyngdoh, who appears to be just 2 years old, is actually 26.

Lyngdoh, who stands just 2ft 9inch tall, seems like any other two year old. It was only when doctors examined his teeth that they were able to confirm that he was in fact, 26 years old.

jerly lyngdoh 26 year old baby full 26 Year Old Baby Is Worlds Smallest Man

Experts believe that the glands which secrete growth hormones may be damaged.
Paediatrician Dr J. Ryndong said:

“Jerly’s infantile features are remarkable, and the only thing he shares with an adult are his teeth…
“We think this is a case of pan-hypo pituitarism leading to poor secretion of growth hormones from the pituitary gland. He is a genuine rarity,”

Lyngdoh, who is still dressed in baby clothes by his farmer parents in Meghalaya, Northern India, weighs just 22 lbs, and at four inches smaller than China’s He Pingping, Lyngdoh is officially the world’s smallest man, and oldest baby.

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