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20/20 Vision No Surgery Needed

20/20 Vision No Surgery Needed

DIY Laser Eye Surgery may be possible with new handheld device called Eye Power.

When it comes to laser eye surgery, it never seemed possible that we might one day be performing surgery on ourselves, at home, with no help from a doctor. Well if the imaginations of wild inventors will have their way; DIY laser eye surgery is just another consumer product, and a novel one at that.

Eye Power

The handheld Eye Power device is aimed at correcting “near-sighted/myopic vision problems”. The device is pointed directly into the eye for ten minute periods; ultrasonic waves are then blasted through the eyeball and are supposed to adjust your eyesight to perfect 20/20 vision in no time.

There is no reason (in theory) why this device wouldn’t work, however the product is currently untested and there appears to be no evidence available to back the claims. It looks like it’s up to those who would like to pay the $800 retail price to try it out.


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