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14 Patients Cured Of HIV

14 Patients Cured Of HIV

14 patients cured of HIV virus…

Just a few weeks after a baby girl was reportedly cured of HIV, another 14 patients have also been rid of the virus.

A total of 70 patients, also known as the Visconti cohort of the Pasteur Institute in Paris, all began treatment between 35 days and 10 weeks of being infected – the baby girl was put on treatment within 30 hours of being born.

The participants were put on antiretroviral drugs for 3 years, at which point they all stopped. Medication can keep the virus under control, but typically, when the drugs are stopped the virus bounces back.

However, this hasn’t happened for 14 of the patients some of whom are still showing no signs of the virus reemerging 10 years later.

doctors cure 14 patients of hiv 550x412 14 Patients Cured Of HIV

14 Patients Cured of HIV

It’s thought that the early administration of treatment is key in curing the virus, which in both cases is still present, and presumably transmissible, but manageable by the body.

Dr Asier Saez-Cirion, from the Institute Pasteur in Paris, noted that it only appeared to work for an estimated 5-15 percent of patients:

“Most individuals who follow the same treatment will not control the infection, but there are a few of them who will…

“They still have HIV, it is not eradication of HIV, it is a kind of remission of the infection.”

The experts aren’t sure if the effects will be permanent, or if it will only last a certain amount of time.
Another factor is that early diagnosis is rather uncommon, some patients maybe infected for years before finding out. However should a manageable cure become commercial, it could help raise awareness to the point where everyone has regular check ups.

Either way it’s certainly another monumental milestone in the battle against HIV.

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