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The Worlds Oldest Marathon Runner

The Worlds Oldest Marathon Runner

At 101 years old, Buster Martin holds the record for the world oldest marathon runner. He drinks, he smokes, he’s in a band and now he will run the London marathon for yet another world title.

Buster Martin is an unlikely candidate to set a marathon record. At a mature 101 years old, he admits he still likes to drink, smoke and party.

Martin already holds the record for the oldest person to run the 5K, 10K and the half marathon, now he expects earn yet another title in this months London marathon, but not without having a beer and cigarette half way.

Buster Martin - 101 Marathon Runner

When not working for local plumbing company Mullins, Martin can be found at a nearby gym in training for the big event. Managing director of Mullins, Charlie Mullins said,

“He smokes, drinks, stays out late, which is probably why he is still alive,”

Age is no obstacle to Martin who refuses to be impressed by the fact that he is running, “I am not doing anything unusual. I am just running a marathon,” he explains, “You are never too old to do what you enjoy.”

Martin is also a member of the “Zimmers”, a rock and roll band who topped the charts last year with their version of the hit “My generation.”

The Zimmers Rock Band
Although Martin likes to run, he does not forget to mention his fondness for a pint of beer. Martin admitted that although he completed the 13-mile and half marathon in around 5 hours, he could have done it faster had he not stopped for a beer and a cigarette.

Martins run will raise money for the Rhys Daniels Trust, which provides a “home from home” for parents of children having treatment for life-threatening illnesses.

Mullins describes him as a “remarkable chap, unbelievable. He’s an ordinary fellow but remarkable at the same time especially for someone at his age to get involved in this sort of charity.”

Martin is also a proud father of 17 children, who have given him years of happy memories. “Pity I didn’t have anymore kids,” he said with a sigh

“He likes to live life to the fullest. He is as sharp as a razor. Martins got unbelievable hearing,” Mullins added.

“To his colleagues, at 101 years old, Martin is a “great inspiration, he’s got a million stories to tell, he is so knowledgeable.”


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