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Interesting Facts About Our Heart

Interesting Facts About Our Heart

Our heart is an amazing organ, in this article we round up 10 amazing facts about our heart.

Matters of the heart have baffled scientist for years. As medical technology develops we are starting to understand a lot more about one of the most important organs in our body.

In this article we have rounded up 10 amazing facts regarding the heart. Find out how sex, laughter and wine are good for you, and how a broken heart can affect you physically.

Sex Appeal

sex appeal Interesting Facts About Our Heart

Maintaining a healthy sex life is know to keep you heart healthy. A study involving 2,500 men aged 49-54 found that having an orgasm at least three times a week decreases risk of coronary heart disease by up to 50 percent.

Estimates suggest that a vigorous sex session can double a person’s heart rate and burn up to 200 calories. Considering this is equivalent of a brisk 15 min run, staying in bed with your other half is a great alternative to going to the gym.

Female Hearts

female hearts Interesting Facts About Our Heart

For decades heart disease and heart attacks have been viewed as a man’s illness. But despite popular beliefs, this is far from the truth. In fact heart disease kills 500,000 American women each year, a figure that tops male numbers by 50,000.

Women tend to experience symptoms slightly different from men. Where as men generally experience the Hollywood-style heart attack in which gripping chest pains cause the patient to keel over, women often report tightness, aching or pressure in the heart, as well as other symptoms like nausea, back and jaw pain.

Heart Mend

heart mend Interesting Facts About Our Heart

Scientists are currently studying the red-spotted newt to help develop cell therapies for people with physically damaged hearts. The red-spotted newt can turn its cells back in time, as if they were stem cells, in order to build up new heart muscle.

As stem cell research continues, it may not be long before getting a cardio repair kit or a new heart becomes reality.


heart to heart Interesting Facts About Our Heart

A sheepish look from your dog or that endearing brush-by from your cat can make you wonder if your pet is trying to communicate with you.

A recent study adds equine animals to the list of emotionally-responsive animals. Researchers found that horse’s heart rate mirrors that of the human subjects touching them. Scientists are now working to find ways of using the horse’s emotion detector to someday replace procedures to measure a patients stress hormones.

Next, researchers will study service dogs to better match them with humans.

Big Hearts

big hearts Interesting Facts About Our Heart

A big heart is usually though of as a good quality. However the reality behind having a large heart suggests underlying heart disease. The most common condition linked with having a larger heart is called dilated cardiomyopathy. This occurs when the heart’s chambers stretch out and enlarge. The bulging hinders the hearts pumping power and can deprive the organs of blood. If left untreated, a big heart can lead to heart failure.

LOL: It’s Good for You

lol Interesting Facts About Our Heart

Research has shown that a loud or boisterous burst of laughter can cause the lining of blood vessels walls called endothelium to relax. This results in increased blood flow for up to 45 minutes after the laughing fit.

Damage to the endothelium can lead to the narrowing of blood vessels and eventually cardiovascular diseases. So remember that a good laugh is good exercise for your heart.

Drink to Your Heart

red wine Interesting Facts About Our Heart

The odd glass of red wine has always been know to have certain heart benefits, but recent research shows that so too can the white variety.

The purple hued skins of red grapes contain certain antioxidants that have been attributed to these heart benefits. Because the skins are removed to make Chardonnays, many experts had assumed that white wine would not help the heart.

The study found that the grapes pulp still contain cardio-protective compounds that rival those found in red grape skins.

Powerful Pump

powerful pump Interesting Facts About Our Heart

The fist size muscle we call our heart is capable of pumping blood to every cell in the body in under one minute. During the course of the day, your heart will beat approx 100,000 times driving 2,000 gallons of oxygen-rich blood through 60,000 miles of blood vessels.

Broken Heart

broken heart Interesting Facts About Our Heart

A broken heart can be more serious than you think. A break up or news of a family death can cause serious heart break. This trauma can heighten the risk of a heart attack as well as triggering the release of stress hormones into the bloodstream. This can temporarily stun the heart mimicking symptoms similar to that of a heart attack.

The good news is these symptoms generally resolve themselves with time.

Love Sign

love sign Interesting Facts About Our Heart

Weighing in at 10 ounces, the blood-filled muscle called the heart has become the universal symbol of love. The Greeks believed the heart was the seat of the spirit, the Chinese associated it with the center for happiness and the Egyptians thought the emotions and intellect arose from the heart. No one is sure the exact origin of the love association, however. One idea is that the heart got its “love mark” in the ancient Greek city of Cyrene, now in modern-day Libya. The colony was known for a plant called Silphium, with heart-shaped seed pods. Silphium had medicinal properties, and possibly also was used as an herbal contraceptive.

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