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Penile Enhancement Surgery

Penile Enhancement Surgery

Penis augmentation and penile enhancement surgery by the best board certified plastic surgeons in Bangkok Thailand. ThaiMed offer the best medical tours vacations for general medical care and cosmetic plastic surgery abroad.

Many men experience anxiety about the size or appearance of their penis, for some, this feeling is so disabling that they wish to do something about it.

There are many penis enlargement remedies and methods available but, the question is which one (if any) will actually work?

Male Enhancement Penis Enlargement

Unfortunately, despite numerous claims from different companies, there is nothing currently on the market that will give the desired results with lasting effects.

Not one pill lotion has ever been proven to enlarge the penis and because the penis does not contain any muscles, there are no exercises or massage techniques that will enlarge it in the long-term.

Vacuums and penis pumps work by forcing blood to rush into the penis. These devices are often used to combat impotence as the blood rushing to the penis mimics an erection. A ring maybe worn to prolong the enlargement, however the penis will return to normal size within 24 hours. Using a vacuum to enlarge the penis can be extremely dangerous; the vacuum can cause blood vessels to rupture resulting in swelling, pain and even disfigurement.

The only real way to enhance the penis, long term, with the desired results, is to undergo penile enhancement surgery.

Penis enlargement otherwise known as penile augmentation or penile enhancement surgery can be done using to procedures. One procedure enhances girth, whilst another increase the length.

Both procedures can be done at the same time. Many patients opt for both width and girth enhancement simultaneously.

Penis Girth

There are two main ways penis girth can be increased. One procedure is called Liposuction fat transfer and involves fat cells (usually from the patients abdomen) being transplanted/injected around the shaft of the penis.

This can increase the girth of the penis by 1- 3 inches.

The original shape of the penis can be corrected using this procedure. During the fat transfer the fat can be sculpted and shaped to smooth any unwanted natural curves.

Because the penis is permanently stretched around the injected fat, the length of the penis will be full, even when flaccid.

In some instances the fluid in the fat cells can be reabsorbed into the body. This can leave the penis unsightly and needing more surgery. Surgeons have now discovered that by using dry fat cells, nothing is absorbed back into the body reducing the risks if needing a touch up surgery.

The other variant of the fat transfer method is called “dermal transfer” or “Dermal Fat Grafts”. This procedure uses both skin and fat together. The skin grafts completely stop the fat cells absorbing into the body however due to the more complex nature of the surgery. The risk of disfigurement is much greater.

Penis Length

Approx 2/3 of the penis is concealed behind the skin where it is tethered to the pubic bone by two ligaments called the fundiform and the suspensory ligaments.

When the suspensory ligaments are cut, the concealed part of the penis becomes released and the penis moves forward approx 1-2 inches.

This type of penis enlargement surgery can result in substantial flaccid size gains but sometimes only a small increase in the erect penis length.

Male Enhancement Penis Enlargement Bangkok


Candidates for penis enlargement may want to see a counselor prior to the surgery. If you are confident that you do not need counseling you should at least discuss with your doctor thoroughly, the procedure, the expected results and any other issue you may have.

After you have discussed all the aspects of the surgery as well as your options, the surgeon will advise you on some precautionary measures that you should take.

Non smokers tend to have better results than smokers. If you smoke you will be advised to stop at least two weeks prior to the surgery.

Information About Penis Surgery Procedure

Most patients prefer to go to sleep during the procedure which will take place in an outpatient clinic.

The procedure usually takes about 75 minutes, and you should be able to leave the surgery facility within two hours after the operation is completed.

You will go home but be under strict orders to rest with your legs up on one arm of the couch and two ice bags on your penis.

You will return to the surgeon within 48 hours, they will redress your bandage and give you more instructions on how to care for your self properly when at home.

Recovery Period After Penis Enlargement

You should be able to return to daily activities within one week, but you should refrain from sexual activity for around 4-6 weeks.

Risks of Penis Enlargement

The risks involved with penile enhancement have been talked up over the years and although complications can lead to disastrous affects, the real risks regarding penis enlargement are still greatly exaggerated.

As with any surgical procedure there are possible risks and complications that may occur. These include infection or allergic reactions to the anesthesia. There are of course some other risks which are specific to penis enhancement.

Penis Girth – In some patients the penis may become uneven or lumpy. This occurs sometimes as the skin tries to shrink misshaping the injected fat. You can greatly reduce the risks of lumps bumps and clumps by wearing a penis stretcher following the surgery.

Penis Length – Because the penis is no longer attached to the pelvic bone it may slip or shift around during sexual activity. The angle of the erection may also be altered however using modern day techniques the changes of this happening have been greatly reduced.

These days, penile enhancement or penis augmentation has become a relatively safe procedure with most patients being extremely happy with the results.

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