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Polyethylene Nose Implant Surgery

Polyethylene Nose Implant Surgery

Cosmetic Reconstructive Plastic Surgery for Nose Augmentation with a Polyethylene Surgical Implant

Nose Implant Augmentation Surgery for Cosmetic Reconstructive Plastic SurgeryUntil now, changing the shape of your nose has meant using silicone implants or cartilage from other parts of the body. But now there is an implant that is proving safer and producing great results.

Fifteen years ago Eve was in a car smash that left her with a badly broken nose. She thought it would eventually return to normal but instead she ended up with a sunken nose and breathing problems.

It took several years for Eve to pluck up enough courage to have surgery, partly because of her lack of faith in what was available. But then she found out about this new nasal implant designed to imitate the skeleton. Not only does it promise a more natural look, but it’s made from a material that may reduce the risk of infection or rejection.

Dr Paul O’Keefe designed the implant using high density polyethylene – a substance he says has a much better track record than silicone. The special features of this implant are that it’s a plastic material that is porous and allows tissue to grow into it, making it much more durable than a lot of other implants that have been used in the past.

A very thin shell is inserted through the nostril and sits just under the skin. It works like an umbrella lifting the tissue to open the airway so patients can breath easier.

The implant was cut to fit Eve’s nose. Once inserted, Dr O’Keefe moved the implant into a position that matched the shape he was aiming for. Once in place, the implant’s rough undersurface stops it moving around.

Eve will have to wait a few months for the swelling to go down completely, but already her breathing has improved and her new nose is exactly what she asked for.

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