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About Cankles and Ankle Liposuction

About Cankles and Ankle Liposuction

The area in affected female legs where the calf meets the foot in an abrupt, nontapering terminus is known as Cankle and can be treated by ankle liposuction plastic surgery.

Cankles is popular slang term (actually a portmanteau word combining calf and ankle) used to describe the area where the ankle and the calf muscle look to be one and the same. Women with cankles will notice that the width of the back side of their leg is the same width as they continue down the leg. There is no clear definition where the calf muscle stops and the ankle begins. Also, if there is no clear definition of the calf muscle or ankle then one might refer to that as Cankles as well.

Cankle medical definition is as follows:

The area in affected female legs where the calf meets the foot in an abrupt, non-tapering terminus; medical cause: adipose tissue surrounding the soleus tendon, probably congenital, worsened by weight gain and improved in appearance by boots.

What is a Cankle?

  • Cankle comes from “calf” and ankle.
  • AKA: Chubby Ankles
  • Occurs when the calf merges with an obese or swollen ankle
  • Definition is: “the area in affected females where the calf meets the foot.”
  • Gold’s Gym definition: “when the calf merges with an obese or swollen ankle.”

Causes of Cankles

If you have Cankles, by definition, then this is often a side affect of excess weight on the body. There are a few exercise programs that can help you get rid of Cankles. If you want to get rid of your Cankles, then losing weight may help but often a difficult if not impossible task. Cankles very in size, and the amount of effort to get rid of Cankles also varies.

Additionally, not all people who have Cankles are over-weight. Cankles can also be a hereditary trait on how fat is distributed throughout the body that runs in the family. Some women have a genetic predisposition to store fat in the lower legs. This makes losing weight not an option as they are not over-weight to begin with and will not respond well to exercise in the hopes to get rid of Cankles.

What Causes Cankle?

  • Heredity: It runs in the family.
  • Obesity and Overweight: fat in your body may make its way below the knee.
  • Pregnancy

Get Rid of Cankles

You can not get rid of Cankles with any “magic creams” or ointments. This is not going to help reduce your Cankles. It may make them smoother or make for a nice evening with your love one, but anyone who tries to tell you other wise has no clue of what they are talking about.

Swollen ankles are not Cankles and should not be mistaken for so. Some people think that edema, swollen ankles, are Cankles, but they are not. Swollen ankles can be easily treated whereas Cankles cannont.

The main reason for Cankles is excess weight. The body stores excess energy where it can and this happened to be the area around the lower calf muscle and ankle.

I know women with cankles are afraid to wear skirts and a nice pair of designer shoes. Getting rid of you Cankles is possible and may not take as long as you think. Don’t worry, just follow these steps from experts’ ways to prevent, treat and minimize the appearance of cankles.

Cankle Exercise Workout

Even if you’re in great shape, fatty deposits around the ankles are difficult to shrink. You should engage in consistent high-intensity, fat-burning cardiovascular activities that focus on slimming down your calves.

Cankle Surgery – Ankle Liposuction

Cankle can be treated with plastic surgery known as ankle liposuction. We do this procedure all the time, and have had great success with it. However, ankle liposuction surgery is not for everyone with cankles. For example, in some cases it’s the bone structure, not fat, that is responsible for the appearance of the ankles. In other cases, a woman simply has muscular calves. Finally, sometimes the appearance is caused by swelling that is the result of a medical condition. All of these possibilities must be ruled out before considering ankle liposuction.

If the problem is excess fat, liposuction can give your ankle the attractive, natural appearance you’re looking for. The result from ankle liposuction has proven that the risks are very low and also the procedure is safe and has a quick recovery time.


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