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Lumineyes Turns Brown Eyes Blue

Lumineyes Turns Brown Eyes Blue

A new procedure claims it can permanently turn brown eyes into blue…

A new laser eye surgery that alters the pigment of the iris can literally turn brown eyes into blue.

The new Lumineyes procedure, developed by Dr Gregg Homer at Stroma Medical in California, users a laser tuned to specific frequency to knock out the melanin – or brown pigment of the eye – and this makes it appear blue.

lumineyes laser eye surgery turns brown eyes blue

Lumineyes Procedure Turns Brown Eyes Into Blue

Image Credit: Dottie Mae, 2010.

The procedure, which is still undergoing clinical trials, takes just twenty seconds with results becoming apparent after two to three week as the melanin fails to regenerate. The fact the melanin cannot regenerate however, makes the technique irreversible – a plus for long lasting effects, but a potential ailment for life if something happens to go wrong.

Natural blue eyes do not actually contain any blue pigment. Instead the pigment is brown but is much less dense at the front of the eyeball. This transparent surface of the eye filters and reflects light rays to make the it appear blue, much the same as the blue sky.

Dr. Homer is still trying to raise another $800,000 to complete clinical trials. But if all goes well, he hopes the procedure, which will cost around $4,800, will be available within 18 months outside the U.S. and 3 years inside the U.S.


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