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Why Us

Why travel abroad and out-source medical care, plastic surgery, or dental care?

There are two main reasons people travel abroad for medical health care treatments:

  1. To Save Money
    Thailand is a source of affordable medical care with exceptional health standards.
  2. No Waiting
    If you are covered by government insurance or for any reason on a waiting list, WAIT NO LONGER

People are traveling to places like Thailand to meet their medical needs that for whatever reason are unmet in their home country. Unfortunately, some medical travelers end up using the cheapest price as the deciding factor when choosing their hospital and surgeon and ultimately end up paying a heavy price in anxiety and disappointment they may have to live with forever!

Why should you choose Thailand as the country to receive your medical care?

Thailand has medical care that is as good as offered anywhere in the world using hospitals that are as nice or nicer than you have at home. Most doctors have been trained not only in Thailand but also in the US or europe Medical standards, hospital rooms, operating rooms etc in the top tier hospitals are equal to the best in the world. Nursing care is better from a patients perspective than most countries including the US. It is safe. One can walk alone most anywhere day or night in Bangkok with no problem.

Thailand is an interesting travel destination and a travel bargain. Before or following your procedures you can enjoy a wonderful vacation in the city, on a island, at the beach or in the mountains as Thailand offers all.

Why Choose ThaiMed To Help Achieve Your Cosmetic Surgery Desires and Medical Health Care Needs?

  • You entire medical tour is overseen and coordinated with your doctors and/or health care providers.
  • We use only the best doctors and finest hospitals in Thailand, which is known worldwide for its great medical care and unparallel hospitality.
  • We have a Personal Assistant to take care of your needs and attend to your request after you have checked out of the hospital and begin recovering.
  • We are the only company doing this in Thailand with a staff that lives here full time and receives all their own medical care at the same hospitals and from the same doctors where we take you.