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Thailand Minimally Invasive Knee Surgery

Thailand Minimally Invasive Knee Surgery

State-of-the-art knee surgery in Thailand offers patients reduced pricing, no waiting, and attentive recovery. Learn about how you can access the latest knee surgery technique package at a reduced price compared to surgery alone back home.

Thailand hospitals are leading the way for providing patients all over the world affordable minimally invasive knee surgery that applies innovative techniques to ensure a successful outcome. For many patients knee surgery was not an option because of price or long waiting lists. Now patients have access to not only knee surgery, but innovative knee surgery that helps decrease downtime and increase a quick recovery time.

Minimally invasive knee surgery in Thailand uses a small incisions, customized instruments, innovative imaging techniques and global navigation, many procedures may be performed with less pain and blood loss, and minimal scarring. The result is a rapid recovery, high patient satisfaction, and the best possible outcome.

Difference Between Tradition and Minimally Invasive Surgery

Orthopedic Surgery for Knee Pain

Orthopedic Surgery for Knee Pain

In recent years, minimally invasive surgery for knee replacement has become regarded as a state-of-the art approach to these common orthopedic knee treatment. As soon as patients learn about the advantages of a smaller incisions and a speedier recovery, they are eager to opt for this surgery technique. However it is important for potential patients to fully understand how this surgery differs from traditional joint replacement and to have realistic expectations about the procedure.

The term minimally invasive surgery is somewhat misleading, because even though the technique allows knee surgeons to reduce the size of the incision and to minimize trauma to the soft tissues, arthroplasty, or joint replacement, still involves cutting of bone, realigning the soft tissue mechanism that supports the joint and placing the implant.

A more accurate term for minimally invasive surgery would be modification of standard approaches.

This modified approach offers a reduced incision size compared to traditional knee surgery. The required knee replacement incision is reduced from 12 inches to 4 inches. This provides less damage to the soft tissues in the knee. Blood loss is also reduced as a result of the smaller incision. Another result of a smaller incision provides the option for epidural hypotensive anesthesiaLocal anesthetic delivered through a catheter into a space outside the spinal cord, which is used in conjunction with light sedation. This reduces the risks of complications associated with general anesthesia

The most important consideration is that the end result of the operation is as good as it would be with a traditional incision.

Although the advantages are attractive there are a number of factors to consider before electing to undergo this surgery. Minimally invasive joint replacement should be performed only by a well trained, highly experienced orthopedic knee surgeon who does the procedure frequently. Its essential that the doctor have the proper instrumentation and support team. The orthopaedic surgeon must also be experienced in appropriate patient selection. While many patients are candidates for the technique, it should not be used in overweight individuals, people with significant musculature, or in revision surgeries.

Patients should also be aware that all minimally invasive techniques are not the same.

Thailand Knee Surgery

Thailand Orthopedic Hospital

Thailand Orthopedic Hospital

These factors must be research prior to international medical tourists departing to Thailand. That is why many enlist the help of ThaiMed to help with these tasks. Each case offers a unique scenario. Thus it is important to find the proper doctor that uses the right tools, at a hospital offering the best care and price. ThaiMed has worked directly with orthopedic surgeons and hospitals to help provide patients successful knee surgery. It is important that your trip is spent completing your medical care efficiently. With the help of the ThaiMed team, all aspects of your medical tour to Thailand is accomplished worry free!

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