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Botox Relieves Tennis Elbow

Botox Relieves Tennis Elbow

Botox injections could be effective cure for tennis elbow…

Botox injections are usually associated with firming wrinkles, but a new study suggests that they could help to treat people with tennis elbow.

In the new study, researchers at the Imam Khomeini Hospital Complex at Tehran University in Iran gave botulinum toxin injections to 48 patients with tennis elbow who hadnt been helped by previous treatments. Tennis elbow, which causes pain and inflammation in the upper arm near the elbow, affects some people who repeatedly move their wrists or forearms while taking part in activities like tennis.

botox injections to cure tennis elbow Botox Relieves Tennis Elbow

Botox Injections May Help Cure Tennis Elbow

Mapping the injection sites can be quite tricky and may result in severe side effects if carried out wrong. In order to minimize the risks, researchers customized the injection sites based on the length of each patients forearm instead of giving injections at the same location in each person. Giving the injection at the same location can lead to insufficient paralysis, Dr. S.M. Javad Mortazavi and colleagues explained.

Even correctly performed junctions are not without side effects. While the treatment significantly reduced pain, it also reduced strength levels in patients, the study authors found.

They also pointed out that the treatment isnt appropriate for patients who need to extend their fingers, and added that more research is needed to figure out whether the treatment relieves pain after four months.

In an accompanying commentary, Dr. Rachelle Buchbinder, of Monash University in Australia, wrote that tennis elbow can cause disability and require workers to take sick leave. Theres still much thats not known about botulinum toxin as a treatment for the condition, Buchbinder added, and patients may be unhappy if they suffer from a side effect: the partial loss of the ability to move their third and fourth fingers.

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