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Girl Wedges Mouth Open By Yawing

Girl Wedges Mouth Open By Yawing

Have you ever yawned so hard that you’ve dislocated your jaw? Holly has…

In rather rare case of what you might call self-inflicted injury, a young British girl was rushed to hospital after yawning so hard in class that she wedged her mouth permanently open. The incident happened during double lesson of Government and Politics which probably says something about the poor girls interest in such matters and as Gizmodo writer Sam Bidle quiet rightly points out, ‘you really can’t make this s**t up!’

Despite the tragic British humor (which can be excused as the clip was taken from a children’s program) this is quiet a hilarious story. Basically the young girl, named only as Holly, yawned so hard that she managed to dislocate her jaw and was unable to move it back into place. After a little deliberation with her class mate, they decided to ’interrupt’ the lesson to send Holly off to the school nurse. Bewildered at what had happened; the school nurse quickly referred Holly to the ER.

At the Northampton General hospital a rather unphased doctor by the name of, Dr.Ejiro Obakponovwe, recalled a rather novel approach known to work in such situations; wedge the mouth open until the jaw muscles eventual tire and loosen, then use a bit of good old elbow grease to click the poor girls mouth into place. And guess what gets used to hold open said mouth? The medical equivalent of a Popsicle stick, all 26 of them.

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