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Lumpini Stadium To Close 2014


2014 to see the end of an era in Muay Thai…

The most famous Muay Thai (Thai Boxing) stadium in the world is set to close its doors in 2014, to be replaced by a more modern venue located on the outskirts of Bangkok.

The Lumpini Stadium, which is owned by the Thai Army, opened in 1956 and has been holding championship bouts with famous fighters for over half a decade.

Once the original fight mecca of all Muay Thai enthusiasts, the Lumpini Stadium was and still is the battle ground for the most coveted Thai Boxing titles in the world, along side Rajadamneon Stadium.

lumpini muay thai boxing stdium to close

Lumpini Stadium To Close 2014

Image Credit: Kwanz, 2009.

However, due its location in the downtown area of Rama 4, near the business district of Sathorn road, land prices have escalated so much that pressure on the Army to sell up and move on has become irresistible. The surrounding land was once home to the much loved Suan Lum Night Bazaar, which was also sold and completely demolished in 2011.

The THB380 million new Stadium is set to move to the Ram Intra Road 30 kms north of Lumphini’s current location. The proposed location raises concerns that Stadium’s further proximity from the backpacker haven of Khao San road, which is just 10 minutes walk from Rajadamneon Stadium, could cause the number of tourists visiting the new venue to decrease dramatically. And since foreigners typically pay 10x more than Thais to watch the fight, the move could seriously harm revenue.

It is still unknown what the new stadium will be called, however rumor has it that it may still in some way retain the Lumpini name, which could cause confusion for visitors to the country who are unaware of the change. Another factor that may affect the number of visitors the new stadium will see.

Despite the possible negative effects the move could have on the sport, the closing of Lumphini Stadium is certainly on the horizon. Let’s hope the end of an ear doesn’t affect the most valued Muay Thai titles.

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