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iPads Help Improve Math Scores

iPads Help Improve Math Scores

iPads shown to improve maths scores by up to 20 percent…

A pilot program in California has found that students who were given iPads to aid the learning of math were able to increase their overall score by 2) percent.

The program, initiated by publisher Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, found that 78 percent of participating students advanced their scores in the California Standard Test for spring 2011, compare with just 58 of students who were given traditional text books.

ipad mathboard iPads Help Improve Math Scores

iPad Can Help Improve Math Score

HMH also found the students using iPads to be more motivated, attentive, and engaged than traditionally educated peers.

By engineering a comprehensive platform that combines the best learning material with technology that embraces students strengths and addresses their weaknesses, weve gone far beyond the capabilities of an e-book to turn a one-way math lesson into an engaging, interactive, supportive learning experience. [HMN]

When it comes to computer-based learning there are two schools of thought, those all for increasing the amount of computer-aided learning through the use of such devices as iPads would argue that technology is essential to learning, especially being as many job these days are technology-related. The other side of the coin is that technology in the classroom is distracting and in some cases, can actually hinder the transfer of knowledge.

Personally I think its more a case of tailoring the best learning applications to best situations. It’s hard to deny that all people, including children get attached to their pads, and if educational software can then help tablet wielding kids learning faster and think more intuitively, then I’m all for it.

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