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Hangover 2 Coming To Thailand

Hangover 2 Coming To Thailand

Rumor has it that Thailand is the destination for the filming of the Hangover 2…

The Hangover director Todd Phillips is planning another sequel to his recent box office hit, and this time he’s leaving the setting of Las Vegas and heading for Thailand’s bustling cities and white sandy beaches.

Although the script is said to almost finished, there’s little info on what tribulations the group will be getting up to this time. However it is known that Tiger Woods may be making an appearance. Phillips said: We are going to try and get Tiger Woods for the second one and help him regain his image.

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The Hangover Sequel Filming In Thailand

Some sources are wondering “about the more unseemly side of Thai sex tourism? Will Zack Galifiniakis end up with a child bride instead of a baby?” Well, let’s hope the truly vulgar, which is hardly as rife as we are lead to believe, is left out of a movie that has the potential to greatly influence the image of Thailand.

I do expect so see some borderline situations! Some situations the Tourism Authority are likely to despise. There are some crazy, weird and wonderful things that happen in Thailand and, while shocking, most of it is harmless enough and it certainly sets the scene for some funny scenes.

Apparently Phillips had originally wanted Thailand to be the setting for the sequel to Old School, which was unfortunately scrapped. So perhaps this is something Phillips has been planning for a long time? If that’s the case, he’s sure to have a lot of material ready to make this an even funny installment of The Hangover.

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