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Design Student Invents Worlds Fastest Shoes

Design Student Invents Worlds Fastest Shoes

‘Designed to Win’ high-tech shoes claims to be worlds fastest…

With the Olympics just around the corner, several new designs of sports gear designed to help athletes run faster have emerged on the market. The latest however is not from a Multinational corporation, but from a design student with similar ideas.

Just like the Nike Pro Turbo tracksuits and running shoes we featured last month, the new shoes, designed by Luc Fusaro, 23, claim to be the fastest in the world.

Fusaro explains that by using advanced analytic technology and a material known as sintered nylon polymer powder, his new shoe, which weighs just 96 grams, can potentially shave off 3.5 percent of an athletes personal best.

designed to win worlds fastest running trainers 550x362 Design Student Invents Worlds Fastest Shoes

Designed to Win Worlds Fastest Running Shoes

Based on the 100 Meter sprint, 3.5 percent equates to 0.35 seconds. To put that into perspective, all 6 of 2008 100m Olympic finalists finished within 0.35 seconds of each other.

The shoe was developed as Fusaro’s final thesis called Designed To Win, and was presented at his graduation show at the Londong Royal College Of Art.

Unfortunately the shoe won’t be able until next year, so there’ll be no upsets this year due to the high-tech design.

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