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Three Obese Americans Lose 427 Lbs In China

Three Obese Americans Lose 427 Lbs In China

Three Americans make the move to China to lose weight after winning a contest promoting traditional Chinese medicine...

As part of an unusual weight-loss program based on traditional therapies and treatments, three morbidly obese Americans made the big move to China in hope to drop their excess pounds.

The three men, Alonzo Bland, 33, and brothers Walt, 56, and David Anderson, 50, moved to the northern Chinese city of Tianjin in the middle of this year after winning a contest promoting traditional Chinese medicine, from the U.S. company China Connection.

The strict regime includes acupuncture in their hotel bedrooms at the Aimin Fat Reduction Hospital, a typical Chinese diet of rice, tofu, meat, vegetables and soup, as well as regular exercise.

Obese Americans Move To China To Lose Weight

Doctors say that acupuncture helps to increase metabolism rate and also reduces the appetite. Exercise helps to burn off the bodies fat reserves and the healthy diet ensures the patient consumes all the necessary nutrients during the program.

Since his arrival Bland has lost 227 lbs, dropping from 641 lbs to 414 lbs. Bland, who had a tracheotomy in 2000 because the fat in his face was putting too much pressure on his windpipe, said:

“The reason why I think it works here is that China is away from everything, all the stuff that I’m familiar with.”

Three Americam Men Lose 427 In China

David Anderson told reporters how he could not walk 20 feet without stopping to catch his breath. He now weighs 229 lbs after loosing 90 lbs.

His brother Walt, has lost 106 lbs and now weighs 394 lbs.


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