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Relieve Nausea By Pressing your Wrist

Relieve Nausea By Pressing your Wrist

Cure headaches and nausea with an acupressure technique using nothing but your thumb…

Common health problems can sometimes be fixed by natural remedies instead of drugs, and when it comes to curing headaches, nausea and motion sickness, nothing could be more natural than a quick massage using your own hands.

The idea is to use two fingers to apply pressure on the inside of the wrist in between the two tendons that run down the center of the arm, roughly 3 or 4 fingers width down from the base of your palm.

Some people may notice the effects in less than 60 seconds; others may need to keep applying pressure for a few minutes until they achieve the desired result. The effects of this acupressure technique have been widely documented and proven to work, and while it might not get rid of migraines, it can certainly elevate less intense symptoms.

Acupressure is a great cure for all cases of mild nausea (unless you’ve taken a blow to the head, in which case you should visit the hospital) including that experienced by pregnant women, it can also relieve feelings of anxiety.

This method is exactly what those acupressure anti-motion sickness wrist bands do – apply pressure using a button instead of your thumb but when it comes to cost and simplicity, nothing beats using your own digits.

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