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Womans Breast Implants Disappears During Pilates

Womans Breast Implants Disappears During Pilates

Woman’s’ fake boob disappears during a Pilates stretching exercise…

A 59-year-old woman who underwent a mastectomy and breast-reconstruction has additional surgery to reposition one implant after it disappeared during a Pilates workout.

The woman, reported that that her “body swallowed one of the implants” whilst performing Pilates stretches.

At the hospital, x-rays revealed that that implant had migrated through an intercostal space created during the previous surgery, and ended up in the pleural cavity the space between the lungs.

womans breast implant disappears during pilates Womans Breast Implants Disappears During Pilates

Breast Implant Disappears During Pilates

With the implant dislodged the patients her upper right chest ballooned outward when she performed the Valsalva maneuver. Surprisingly the patient reported experiencing no chest pain or dyspnea – shortness of breath (SOB).

Following the diagnosis, the woman underwent another surgery to replacement the breast prostheses, and the intercostal space was patched up with mesh.

A previous article we noted how breast reconstruction following mastectomy is a safe procedure for the elderly. And although the story does highlight important complications that can occur, it’s also testament to the advancement in medical technology and the increased safety of cosmetic plastic surgery, even when complications do occur.

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