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Valkee Brain Stimulation Device Improves Mood And Reaction Time

Valkee Brain Stimulation Device Improves Mood And Reaction Time

Improve your mood and speed up your reactions with the Valkee brain stimulation…

A new study has found that the Valkee brain stimulation device, a light therapy headset originally marketed to improve seasonal affective disorder, may also help improve reaction times.

When the device first emerged in 2010, many were skeptical about its claims claims that are still under scrutiny. According to the company just 8-12 minutes a day are wearing the device is all that’s need to help improve mood during those dark and dingy winters.

However continued research into the benefits of such light therapy have uncovered a rather beneficial side effect of the mood-enhancing portable headset.


Valkee Brain Stimulation Device

The recent study conducted by Verve Research in Finland, involved members from the Finnish national ice hockey league. Some were given the device to use, and others were given a placebo device for control.

The researchers found that those who has been exposed to 12 minutes of light every day sped up their reaction times by as much as 20 percent. Lead researcher Mikko Tulppo in a news release:

The placebo-controlled study showed a significant improvement in motoric reaction times of top athletes using bright light via the ear canal.

With all the research that suggest sunlight provides the body with essential vitamin D, it’s completely plausible that light can have a great affect on the body and mind. Still I have to say I remain a little skeptical.

Nevertheless, should such research continue to produce positive results, the treatment would not only increase the performance of athletes, but it could improve safety in situations where reactions times are key, e.g. driving, operating machinery.

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