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The Vampire Facelift

The Vampire Facelift

Get rid of wrinkles with the Vampire facelift….

A new cosmetic procedure known as the vampire facelift gets rid of wrinkles using a patient’s own blood.

The new method to rejuvenate wrinkled skin doesnt require injecting any acids, fat or toxins into your body, instead wrinkles are smoothed out using the persons own blood.

The procedure technically known as Selphyl a non-invasive, non-surgical cosmetic filler involves injecting a mixture of blood products into the affected areas.

selphyl before and after 550x290 The Vampire Facelift

Selphly Injectable Fillers Before and After

Cosmetic fillers currently available on the market are typically made from body fat. Dr. Susan Stevens Tanne, a cosmetic and laser surgeon with New Jersey-based Cosmetic Laser MD said: Whats nice about [Selphyl] is youre only using that persons blood,

Jen Bustamonte, a patient who underwent the new treatment after deciding a traditional facelift was not the right option, said:

It makes sense to me that if I could use something from my own body and put it back in my body to create the volume and kind of thing I was looking for, that I wanted to try it,

Selphyl is prepared by drawing a patients blood, separating the platelets from the red blood cells, blending the platelets with a fibrin mixture and injecting it to the area a patient wants to augment.

You overfill the area by 20 percent so that a person sees an approximation of the final results, but its slightly bigger than it will actually be, said Tanne.

In about a day, the excess is gone, and several weeks later, the fibrin matrix builds up, yielding the final result.

Bustamonte, who was extremely please with her results said:

Nobody would look at me and point out the spot I had it done, which I love. Its very natural,

Aside from near-natural results, Tanne says there are other advantages. Selphyl lasts about 15 months, a few months longer than other fillers that typically last a year:

It causes almost no bruising because its a thin, watery liquid and theres no allergy testing required since its a persons own blood,

Despite the obvious benefits from the non-invasive technique, Tanne warns that Selphyl is not for everyone:

You cant use it on a full face, because theres not enough product. Its also better for volumnizing areas or for more delicate lines.

She also said its better for people with thin, crepey skin. Crepey skin is a natural consequence of aging and is characterized by loose folds and wrinkles.

Selphyl is FDA-approved as a facial filler, and it can be used on other parts of the body with wrinkles or decreased volume.

selphyl kit The Vampire Facelift

Vampire Facelift Selphyl Injectable Filler Kit

However, not all doctors are agreed on the safety of the procedure. Dr. Malcolm Roth, director of plastic surgery at Maimonides Medical Center, said:

One of the problems with your own blood is that some people pass out from having their blood taken…

Also, blood tends to cause an itchy after-effect. Sometimes it causes burning or discoloration. Youre injecting blood into a place where blood doesnt normally reside…

Like any other idea or innovation, cautious people want to wait until the pendulum swings to make sure its actually safe and the results are worth the time and expense to go through the procedure,

Selphyl or not, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons predicts that the number of cosmetic procedures performed will exceed 55 million, which is quadruple the number done in 2005.

Most of the products create instant gratification and can take five years off someones appearance, said Tanne.

Injectables have very little down time and very little risk, said Roth. They are also less expensive than plastic surgery, and in this economy, thats had a major impact.

With new fillers like Selphyl becoming part of a growing trend, traditional facelifts may be on their way out. Dr. Julius Few, director of the Few Institute and commissioner of cosmetic medicine for the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery explained:

There are more products coming to market to address very specific issues, such as fillers doing even more for longer periods of time…

This is an exciting time – novel technology and the development of new and promising ways to preserve a healthy appearance.

Recent celebrity posts have boosted the popularity of this procedure. You can find out more about the Vampire Facelift at PopSci

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