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Standard Treatment For Gonorrhea No Longer Effective

Standard Treatment For Gonorrhea No Longer Effective

The recommended treatment for gonorrhea has now changed due to the development of drug resistant strains…

Until last week the standard treatment for gonorrhea one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases – was one single antibiotic pill known as Suprax (cefixime). But now, the CDC has been forced to change its advice for treatment, as the drug has become almost impervious to antibiotics.

The misuse, or improper use, of antibiotics is well document as being a major factor in the development of drug resistant viruses, and as a result, gonorrhea has now become resistant to all but on class of antibiotics called cephalosporins.

Now, in order to effectively combat the STD, the CDC recommends treatment in the form of one shot of the ceftriaxone antibiotic and one of two oral antibiotics, azithromycin or doxycycline.

gonorrhea resistant to most antibiotics

Gonorrhea Resistant To All But One Class Of Antibiotic

Image Credit: Michael Mortensen, 2007.

The patient must also return to their hospital or clinic a week later for a check up to make sure they’re cured, and anyone still carrying the infection will undergo further treatment.

Gonorrhea is notorious for becoming resistant to treatments and in the last decade alone, has already grown to tolerant the fluoroquinolone antibiotics that used to eradicate the disease, and now it appears to be outgrowing the beneficial effects of most current treatments.

The rise in drug resistant gonorrhea has even led some experts to speculate that there may already be a strain of the disease that is completely untreatable.

The CDC estimates that around 700,000 Americans carry the gonorrhea bacteria, and while many people have the symptoms – discharge and/or burning sensation – many do not.

For that reason, experts recommend check ups for gonorrhea annually.

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