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Snake Venom Painkiller


Snake venom could produce the most effect painkiller to date….

Morphine is one of the world’s most powerful painkillers. It has the ability to block the pain of the most severe injuries, be it a broken leg or a cracked skull. But now scientists say they have discovered a protein in the venom of a Black Mamba that inhibits pain just as effectively, without the lethargic side effects.

The proteins, known as mambalgins, work by attaching themselves to nerves and blocking the pain signals that would normally be sent to the brain. Inhibiting pain in this way also seems to produce almost no side effects.
After screening the venom, the researches encoded the genes and found them to be part of a larger group of proteins known as three-finger toxins. Most three-finger toxins kill the nerve cells they attach to, but that’s not the case with mambalgins. In fact, test show that the mambalgins do not produce motor dysfunction, apathy, flaccid paralysis, convulsions or death upon central injections.

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Snake Venom Contains Effective Painkiller With Zero Side Effects

Image Credit: Tim Vicekrs, 2008.

The team hopes its findings could lead to the development of a potent analgesic, which uses natural peptides to block pain, with zero side effects. Such a treatment would enable those suffering with chronic pain to continue their working day without being a danger to themselves and others around them.

The study was published in the August 7th, edition of Nature.

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