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Sex Drive Up App For iPhone

Sex Drive Up App For iPhone

Another app geared to boost your sexual drive out of the roof…

After featuring some rather questionable sex enhancing iPhone apps in our last post, I had to follow up with this.

The Sex Drive Up application developed by GoodCode not only offers sex drive boosting treatments by way of sound; it also performs an array of health care massages to treat various symptoms for both men and women.

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Sex Drive Up

On the list are massages for abdominal, waist, breast and butt shaping; irregular periods, menopause and prospermia, or premature ejaculation.

And the most amazing thing? According to the comments on the app’s web page, it actually works!?

I’m not quite sure how, or even if the comments are fake, and going by Apples reputation for letting dodgy apps slip through its fingers and into the app store, there’s nothing to confirm these comments.

Nevertheless, someone appears to find the app useful!

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