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Scientist Engineer Rabbit Penises

Scientist Engineer Rabbit Penises

Custom-engineer penises may soon become a reality….

Scientist have successfully grown fully functional penises in dismembered rabbits.

In the experiment, led by Anthony Atala, the team surgically removed the corpora cavernosas of 12 rabbit, then replaced them with new scaffolds, made of collagen. All of revitalized rabbits attempted to mate, 8 were able to ejaculate, and four became fathers.

Rabbit Penis Grown In Lab

While other procedures have already proven successful at restoring certain functions of a damaged penis, this is the first time scientist have engineered a new corpora cavernosas the column of tissue that fills with blood during male arousal.

Atala is best known for developing a technique in which cells are taken from an organ and sprayed onto a frame made of collagen, the primary structural protein in animal tissue. The structure is then bathed with growth-stimulating compounds and kept in an oven that duplicates the bodys temperature and chemical composition. Given these starting conditions, natural biology does the rest [].

The technique could path the way for custom-engineered penises, however Atala states that this is not the motive behind the research:

Our intent and the goal of our work is to provide a solution for men who need penile erectile tissue for medical reasons,. Of course, you cannot control how the technology is used in terms of what patients want [LiveScience],

The study was published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

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