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Researchers Discover Molecule Responsible For Male Balding

Researchers Discover Molecule Responsible For Male Balding

Scientist pinpoint the molecule responsible for male balding…

Male balding is common condition that affects around 80% of Caucasian men by the age of 70. Despite the huge amount of research into the male balding pattern, the causes behind the hair loss remain mystery, even previous treatments for hair loss were found accidentally; Rogaine was developed as a treatment for high-blood pressure and Propecia was originally a drug for prostate enlargement.

But recently researchers have identified a molecule known as Prostaglandin D2 (PGD2) that inhibits hair growth in men. The discovery could lead to a new generation of effective hair-loss treatments.

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Scientist Discover Molecule Responsible For Male Baldness

To identify the molecule, researchers took discarded scalp fragments from male hair transplant patients, and compared the bald and non-bald samples for differences.

They found that the bald scalp had ten times as much PGD2 and elevated levels of PTGDS the enzyme that makes PGD2, compared to normal scalp. The gene for PTGDS is also more prevalent when testosterone levels are high, which could explain why balding typically affects men more.

With the molecule isolated, scientists conducted trails in mice. They discovered that mice with unusually high levels of PGD2 also grew less fur. And when researchers put PGD2 directly on the skin of mice as well as human samples grown in dish, the molecule inhibited hair grown too.

We’ve already seen how researcher accidentally stumbled upon a cure for treating baldness in mice, a technique which is now being studied to see if it can be translated to humans. And by pinpointing the gene responsible for causing male balding pattern, science is one step closer to curing baldness altogether.

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