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REX Bionic Leg Exoskeleton

REX Bionic Leg Exoskeleton

REX robotic exoskeleton gives the paraplegic the ability to walk again…

rex robotic exoskeleton REX Bionic Leg Exoskeleton

REX Bionic Exoskeleton

A new exoskeleton known as the REX (the robotic exoskeleton) promises to help the paraplegic walk again. The REX developed by Rex Bionics allows manual wheelchair users to self-transfer themselves into the REX in an upright position, and then control their ‘walking’ movements using a joystick and control pad.

The device runs on a rechargeable battery that provides up to two hours of continuous use. The battery can also be swapped whilst the user is still strapped in, should they need to operate the REX for longer periods of time.

REX is touted not as a wheelchair replacement, but a ‘world-first product that offers a range of options not available anywhere else on the market.’

REX is not the first robotic exoskeleton, however it is the first designed to assist paraplegic patients other exoskeletons such as Lockheed’s HULC and Raytheon’s XOS are specifically designed for military use.

Besides the obvious benefits, many experts agree that such a device will have other positive effects. Dr Roxburgh who is the Medical Adviser to the Muscular Dystrophy Association, said:

There are obvious immediate benefits in terms of mobility, improved social interaction and self-image. There are also likely to be major long term health and quality of life benefits through reducing the complications of being in a wheelchair all the time,

I think that this will also enable people to stay well longer; this means that those who have conditions where disease modifying treatments are coming over the next five to ten years, will be in better shape when those treatments finally arrive.

The REX has already gone on sale for $150,000 at the REX lab in Auckland, New Zealand, however the purchasing process is not that simple. First, patients must qualify to buy the REX by completing a medical appraisal that includes checks from their own physician to ensure their general health and sustainability.

Once the patients passed REX Bionics checks, they are treated to a two week training course on how to operate the REX.

The company says it has almost concluded all the tests required to sell the REX in Europe and Australia, and will soon be seeking FDA approval for sale in America.

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