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Mans Grows New Finger Tip On Stomach

Mans Grows New Finger Tip On Stomach

Chinese doctors regrow severed finger tip by attaching finger to mans stomach…

Doctors in China have save the severed finger of a man by attaching it to his stomach.

Wang Yongiun, a 20-year-old furniture worker form Liaoyang in the the Liaoning Province, partially severed his finger with an electric saw in an accident at work.

He was quickly rushed to the hospital where doctors found that he had cut off all the muscle and tissue from the tip of his digit, and only bone remained.

Doctors were forced to make a quick decision before it was too late to save the finger.

doctors regrow mans figer tip on his stomach

Soctors Regrow Mans Finger Tip By Attaching Finger To Stomach

Dr Huang Xuesong explained:

We had to make a quick decision or he could have lost his finger. We decided to cultivate a new fingertip on his stomach.

By attaching his finger to his stomach, doctors hoped that new skin tissue and muscel would grow. The procedure is often used as a way to restore blood circulation to an injured area, since blood is crucial for the body to repair itself.

Dr. Xuesong reports that the operation was a success, and that Wang should have a brand new fingertip within a month.

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