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Protein Bars Healthy Snacks

Protein Bars Healthy Snacks

It is like have Steak, Eggs, Salmon, Beans and Peanuts all rolled up in a health bar that tastes like chocolate!

Beginning a workout plan to lose weight will seem counter productive to many beginners. This is because of a simple cause and effect that occurs. As you workout your body burns calories and in turns needs fuel to replace, repair, and build. For those who are incorporating their workout with a diet change will find these urges difficult quench. Finishing a hard workout you will be overcome with the desire to eat and you should. The key is finding the right fuels to provide your body to promote muscle growth, while also providing an easy source to relieve hunger.

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Quench Hunger and Lose Weight

Protein Bars

The perfect addition to my workout and diet has been by adding a protein bar to the regiment. Protein bars offered me the option of providing my body with the fuel it needed despite my busy schedule. Not eating and working out can have dire consequence and counterproductive side effects. Without having to spend a fortune or devote a lot of time, I could easily rip into a protein bar and quickly provide my body the well deserved nutrients it is screaming for.

For those who have taken a similar journey will know. When you eat you are always conscience of its healthiness and the amount of carbs. A quick impulse grab-and-eat can leave you feeling guilt ridden for the remainder of the day. With protein bars you can chomp away guilt-free!

Tasty Health Food Snacks

Some of the health foods I have ate are not the tastiest, and sometimes just down right gross. Protein bars often leave me checking twice to make sure that I am not actually eating a junk food, because it taste so good. Check the label and you will see that the best protein bars are tasty and chock-full of good nutrition that support your workout and active life style. They are comprised of obviously plenty of protein, but also include energy boosting nutrients.

Biggest Advantages of Protein Bars:

  • Quick Convenient Healthy Snack
  • Easily Stored Portable (i.e. refrigeration not required)
  • Contains More Protein Than Most Snacks
  • Variety of Great Tasting Flavors

Source of Creatine

Protein Bars have come a long way since they were first marketed. Today you can find many flavors and specialty bars that are tailored to your fitness goals. Personally I am into building mass as most guys are and find the protein bars can provided an additional source of creatine. Creatine (scientifically known as phosphocreatine as if you cared) increases the amount of energy available to your muscles. The cells in your body store energy in a molecule known as Adenosine Tri-Phosphate. The amount of work your muscles can exert is a direct correlation of the amount of ATP it has stored and how easily it is regenerated during intense exercise. Simply speaking, creatine improves your exercise performance by acting at several physiological levels, from your individual cells and to anabolic response. You will need it and you can get it in your protein bar as well! You will find it to be one of the easiest and best creatine source for you.

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Creatine Muscle Building Supplement

No matter your age, gender or workout goal, protein is a vital nutrient for overall health. If you are ever hungry and in need of fuel and in doubt, just grab a protein bar and feel guilt free and full!

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