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Plasma Torch Removes Harmful Bacteria From Food

Plasma Torch Removes Harmful Bacteria From Food

Plasma torch removes harmful bacteria from food without cooking it…

A new study has shown that plasma torches could eliminate all harmful bacteria from food, without cooking it.

Conducted by researchers at Drexel University, the new study found that normal levels of bacteria like salmonella and campylobacter could be almost completely eliminated from raw foods when exposed to the plasma – a “fourth state of matter” after solids, liquids and gases, consisting of high-energy gaseous atoms, ions and electrons.

The torch, could apply the plasma to all types of food including, chicken and vegetables and fruits, and its cool temperature means it does so, without cooking the produce.

plasma torch removes harmful bacteria from food Plasma Torch Removes Harmful Bacteria From Food

Plasma Torch Removes Bacteria From Food

Since the torch doesn’t actually touch come into contact with food, there’s no risk of contamination during the plasma cleaning process. The researchers hope that the technology could be used to remove all bacteria from during packaging process, or to cleaning surfaces and utensils when preparing food.

Unfortunately, the technology is still too expensive to be a cost-effective way of cleaning food. However, the A.J. Drexel Plasma Institute recently received a $1 million grant from the W.M. Keck Foundation to expand its plasma research, and considering the fast pace of tech-advancements, it might not be too long before the same effect can be achieved at a much lower expense.

The proof-of-concept study was published in the January issue of the Journal of Food Protection.

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