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Pea Grows In Mans Lung

Pea Grows In Mans Lung

X-rays reveal pea growing in man’s lung…

In an extremely rare case, a New York doctor has found a pea growing inside the lung of a 75 year old man.

Svenden, from Massachusetts, was ill for months and thought he may have cancer. However, after meeting with pulmonologist Len Horovitz, X-rays revealed that a small pea plant had begun to grown inside his lung.

Dr. Horovitz thinks that the lung’s warmth and moisture made the perfect habitat for the pea to grow, and suspects the seed simply went down the ‘wrong way.’ Talking to AOL Health he said:

“That can definitely happen. This did not surprise me…. You can inhale a seed of a plant or sprouting plant and it can cause bronchial obstruction. I’ve pulled food out of people’s lungs before.”

Despite the speculation surrounding the story, there have been (unconfirmed) reports of similar growths. Click here to see the Most Horrific Human Growths>>>

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