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Worlds First Full Face Transplant

Worlds First Full Face Transplant

Spanish speaks out about his full face transplant surgery…

A Spanish man who underwent the world’s most complex full face transplant has revealed his new look for the first time at a recent press conference.

worlds most complex full face transplant

Oscar Full Face Transplant Patient

In the 24 hour operation performed by a team of 30 surgeons at the Vall dHebron University Hospital, the man received a new nose, lips, maxilla (lip bone), palate (roof of the mouth), mandible (lower jaw), teeth, cheekbones and face muscles.

full face transplant before and after

Oscar Before and After Full Face Transplant Surgery

The man, identified only as Oscar, 31, was left terribly disfigured after a shooting accident in 2005. When 9 separate operations failed to correct his features and facial functions, Oscar became a candidate for the most complex full face transplant to ever be performed.

Speaking in front of TV cameras for the first time, Oscar, said

Im very happy to be here, and I would like to express my gratitude to the hospital and the medical team, and to all donors in Spain, especially the family of the man whose face I received.

Although Oscar received almost the full face of a donor, team leader Dr. Joan Pere Barret, said that Oscars face does not look like the face of his donor:

He absolutely does not look like the donor patient, and I think thats important for society to know. In terms of future donations of faces there is no such danger of this.

There have been almost a dozen face transplant surgeries to date but none – even those hailed as full face transplants – have been as complex as Oscar’s.

dr joan pere barret

Dr. Joan Pere Barret and Oscar

In 2005 French woman Isabelle Dinoire, underwent what the world’s first partial face transplant in which she received a new nose, chin and lips. Although her procedure was not as complex Oscars, it certainly raised the bar for the future reconstructive facial surgery.

Oscar still has problem speaking clearly and closing his eyes, however doctors estimate that with months of physical therapy, he can expect to regain 90% of his facial functions.

Oscar told the news conference:

Friends, I want to thank the hospital coordinators, the entire medical team, the family of the donor and most of all my family who are supporting me these days.

Dr. Barret said:

I felt for him today, and we are all incredibly proud…

It was a very brave thing to face everyone today. From the moment the surgery was over, he has been very stable, very relaxed and very much looking forward to resuming normal life. He has been very isolated and now wants to do what all young men want to do. He is single, he wants to go out with his friends and have fun.

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