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Baby Born With Eight Limbs Takes First Steps After Surgery

Baby Born With Eight Limbs Takes First Steps After Surgery

Octopus Girl, Lakshmi Tatma, Takes Her First Steps After The Life Saving Surgery Which Removed Her Extra Limbs.

Lakshmi Tatma, the young girl worshiped as a goddess after being born with four arms and four legs has taken her first steps since the operation to remove her extra limbs.

Octopus Girl Take First Steps

In an extremely rare case young Lakshmi Tatma was born with a headless conjoined twin. This parasitic twin, joined at the spine, fought Lakshmi’s body for oxygen and nutrition. (Click Here to Read the Full Article on Lakshmi Tatma, Octopus Girl)

Octopus Girl Take First Steps After Surgery To Remove Extra Limbs

At first the parents were reluctant to agree to the ‘life saving’ operation proposed to them by a team of doctors, believing that she was the reincarnation of the eight limbed Hindu goddess of wealth and fortune Lakshmi. But when doctors told them Lakshmi may struggle to survive through her teens, the family made the decision for their baby to undergo surgery.

Octopus Girl Take First Steps

Now, eight months after the 27 hour operation to remove her extra limbs, Lakshmi is learning to walk again.

Doctors say Lakshmi will need more surgery on her spine as well as corrective surgery on her legs, which are turned slightly inward. Despite the worries of further surgery, Lakshmi’s future is looking bright, she now attends school for disabled children and with help and support from the National Geographic Channel and ABC, who are monitoring her progress, Lakshmi look set to make a full recovery.


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  1. damn! thats crazyyy!

  2. It’s so amazing how she looks now. She is such a cutie. I wish this little girl a very bright future.

  3. omg that is amazing she looks so prety and u know god made that mericle happen

    • God made that miracle happen?  Maybe….if you mean that god created a creature so inteligent and so benevolent….humans….that we can develop medical technology advanced enough to correct a terrible birth deformity that would have robbed this little girl of her life.  the miralce is us.

  4. amazing./ x

  5. This little girl is absolutly amazing. She is so brave. Sje must have felt so different having 8 limbs, but now she will be able to go out there and live life to the absolute full. And i wish her every luck. She is an inspiration to me.

  6. That’s a real miracle! Now Lakshmi would be able to do all the things other little girls do and go to school. She must have been so very brave. Good luck, Lakshmi, wish you all the best!

  7. How brave!
    Some comments that people have written about her are absolutely disgusting and so disrespectful!
    I wish her the best in her future, and hopefully, soon, she’ll be able to walk properly, run and play with the other girls her age.

  8. NiasiaMarie says:

    damn shes P R E T T Y , May God Bless Her ,

  9. god didn’t make this miracle happen, a group of 30-40 surgeons and USD $650000 did. If god did anything, which he didn’t, then it would be creating her with her dead twin connected to her

  10. God bless you, sweetie. It’s a miracle you are alive, and should be thankful for it.

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