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New Zealand Doctor Swears At Obese Patient

New Zealand Doctor Swears At Obese Patient

Doctor verbally abuses obese patient…

When it comes to dieting, one needs all the support they can get, and as an expert educated in medical health, you’d think that your doctor would be the first in line to offer such support.

However that wasn’t the case when an overweight mother from New Zealand visited her local doctor last year to discuss dieting options.

During the consultation the unnamed doctor swore at the patient at least three times after she asked him to use the term ‘lifestyle’ instead of the word ‘diet.’

One response to her request you are “going on a fing diet.”

In a written complaint filed by the 44-year-old mother, she wrote:

[The doctor] said if I couldnt handle the word diet then he challenged my motivation and stated that I would never survive surgery because I was still bullshitting myself and therefore my thinking was still fed.

The reprimanded doctor, who admitted using bad language, said that the patient had been removed from the gastric bypass waiting list and that the two ‘no longer had a therapeutic relationship’.

New Zealands Health and Disability Commissioner, Ron Paterson, said the doctor had been unprofessional and insulting.

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