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New Regulations To Outlaw Botox Parties


Botox parties becoming a thing of the past for Britons…

With Botox parties on the rise, Britain has enforced new stricter guidelines on who should be performing the injections, and where they should take place.

The new code of practice, set by the Royal College of Surgeons (RCS) aims to put an end to home Botox parties, many of which are held by hosts with no medical training or qualifications.

The guidelines say only qualified doctors, nurses, and surprisingly, dentists, should perform the procedure, and that it should only be done on medical premises. The new regulations also ban any financial promotions or discounts on the procedure, and call for medical staff to advise prospective patients to see a psychologist before having any treatment.

Further more, the new code of practice also stops surgeons from promising that patients will look like specific celebs after treatment, and requests the use of more unambiguous words such as smaller, larger, as apposed to emotive words such as nice, and better.

botox injections1 550x366 New Regulations To Outlaw Botox Parties

New Guidelines For Botox Injections

Image Credit: Steven Depolo, 2008.

There will also be a cooling-off period of at least two weeks between the initial consultation and the procedure, the guidelines add.

Modern day attititudes towards cosmetic surgey have become more relaxed, but experts worry that people’s opinions towards certain procedure such as Botox have become far too relaxed.

It’s important to note that the new code of practice is not the law of land, not just yet anyway. But it does show medical community finally attempting to put at stop to unsafe procedures carried out in the home.

So, if you’re a frequent Botox party goer, you might not be able to get your injections done in the same manner as before, but by visiting a trained physician you can be sure that you’re getting the best possible treatment.

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