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Mobile Medical Units

Mobile Medical Units

Today technology has allowed health care provider condense a hospital to a single unit. These mobile units includes specialization with medical, mammography, dental, laboratories, and more.

Early in the history of medicine and doctor care, you had a doctor you would call or contact to come to your home and administer care. Today you now can go to a hospital and visit the doctor. This expanded our level and standard of health care. However, it does has it flaws and has become the focus of many political debates.

One problem has to do with the growth of our communities and the ability for patients to get to the hospital. Ambulances are required to be contacted and then dispatched. The pick-up the patient and then bring them to hospital. They could stabilize and administer basic health care, but this did little to help decrease the amount of time from when the problem occurred and when the treatment started.

The solution is simple. Bring the hospital to the patient.

Mobile Health Units

The use of mobile health units helps provide health care for under served and uninsured adults and children. There is a record 43 million people lacking access to primary health care. Help is available, but it does little if those who need it cannot reach it.

Services Include:

  • Digital Mammography
  • Physicals
  • Health screenings
  • Treatment for minor illnesses
  • Corporate wellness programs

Mobile Health Units Today

Mobile health units are more valuable than ever before. Mobile medical units come equipped with all the tools and technology needs. Units today even include innovative construction methods and air flow controls that allow technical lab work to be completed.

medical unit layout Mobile Medical Units

Medical Unit Layout

More Than Just Health Care

These mobile health units not only provide care, but can also be a source of education. Be essentially turning into a classroom, these mobile units can be stationed at schools, events, and public gatherings to offer health education and treatment for minor injuries.

mammography medical units 550x280 Mobile Medical Units

Mammography Medical Units

Specialized units can also cater to a specific cause. The Mobile Mammography unit, styled in pink, offers women extra information, tests, and valuable literature to help prevent breast cancer.

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