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Man Transplanted With Second Heart

Man Transplanted With Second Heart

What Tyson Smith’s two hearts beating simultaneously…

Doctors at the Thorton Hospital, San Diego, have successfully performed a rare, life-saving heart surgery in which a second heart was transplanted into the patient in order to share the work.

Tyson Smith had been close to death before surgeons carried out the procedure known as heterotopic heart transplantation – to transplant a second heart on the right of his original. In Smith’s case, he could not have handled a standard heart transplant because his pulmonary hypertension was too severe, which would have caused the transplanted heart to fail.

Dr. Jack Copeland, professor of surgery and director of cardiac transplantation and mechanical circulatory support at UC San Diego Health System, said in a news release, that although this particular surgery is rare, it is a very useful technique which should be learnt by surgeons.

In the video clip below you can see Smith’s two hearts beating simultaneously. Be warned however, the clip contains images of real, live human organs, and of course, some blood. You’ll also have to be singed into your YouTube account and confirm you are over 18 before it’ll play.

Now with his dual hearts, Smith can expect to live for approx another 10 years – the typical survival rate for such a procedure.

The hetetrotopic heart transplant was carried out on Sunday, 13th Feb. Doctors expect smith to be discharged sometime this week, and say he should be able to return to his normal daily activities within the next couple of months.

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