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Best Junk Food Substitutes

Best Junk Food Substitutes

Substitute junk food for these 10 great tasting nutritious snacks for a healthier diet…

No matter how much self control you many have, resisting the urge to chow down on junk food is not just difficult, it’s a practice akin to giving up an addiction. Thankfully there are ways you can reduce the craving, and best of all these practices still involve eating!

By substituting junk food for tastier healthier alternatives, you can help trim down and keep those excess pounds off.

10 Best Junk Food Substitutes

healthy snack foods1 550x366 Best Junk Food Substitutes

Junk Food Substitutes

organic probiotic yogurt 150x150 Best Junk Food SubstitutesOrganic Probiotic Yogurt

substitute for ice cream

A 2003 study by the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) found that a single scoop of premium ice cream contained about 250 to 350 calories and a half-a-day’s worth of saturated fat.

To avoid eating ice cream try switching to probiotic yogurt. Yogurt contains calcium and has also been shown to prevent stomach and urinary tract infections. You can add a little a little flavor to your yogurt with dried fruits, granola and a dash of honey.

steel cut oats 150x150 Best Junk Food SubstitutesSteel Cut Oats

substitute for sugary cereals

Many cereals are full of sugar and empty calories. Even those touted as healthy can contain a great deal of added sugar and, often, little fiber.

Boiling steel cut oats is a healthy alternative that can help stabilize blood sugar, reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and lower cholesterol. You can improve the taste in a similar fashion as yogurt, using dried fruits such as blueberries and oats like granola.

dried fruit snack 150x150 Best Junk Food SubstitutesDried Fruit

substitute for candy

We all know that candies have almost zero nutritional value. Loaded with unhealthy refined sugar, no fiber, no protein, no vitamins or minerals, candies are a snack that should be cut out of your diet altogether.

But sweet isn’t always bad, dried fruits actually contain lots of fiber and minerals like potassium. Plus there’s a wide range of dried fruits to suit everyones palette.

dark chocolate1 150x150 Best Junk Food SubstitutesOrganic Dark Chocolate

substitute for chocolate bars

Chocolate is another food high in calories, refined sugars and saturated fats. It’s also a snack that many have serious cravings for!

To feed those cravings with a healthier option, stick to organic dark chocolate which is high in antioxidants and free of additives.

whole wheat banana bread 150x150 Best Junk Food SubstitutesLow-Fat Whole Wheat Banana Bread

substitute for cake

Many cakes contain no less than 300 calories per serving with 10 or more grams of saturated fats and little to no protein or fiber.

Thankfully, there are healthier alternatives such as banana bread which taste great packed with whole wheat flour, wheat germ, ground flax seed and crushed nuts.

roasted sweet potatoes 150x150 Best Junk Food SubstitutesRoast Sweet Potatoes

substitute for french fries

There’s no denying that French fries are delicious, but they are dangerously high in sodium, trans fat and contain over 500 calories per large serving.

To satisfy those salty urges, whip up some homemade, oven-roasted sweet potato wedges instead. Sweet potatoes are an excellent, antioxidant rich, anti-inflammatory alternative to white potatoes. Just brush with olive oil, add a pinch of sea salt and roast.

low calorie sports drink 150x150 Best Junk Food SubstitutesLow Calorie Sports Drinks

substitute for calorie-rich energy drinks

Energy drinks are fully of sugar and contain over 100 calories. Energy drinks are also loaded with caffeine which have been known to cause irritability, nervousness and sleeping problems.

For those who are counting calories, there are sugar-free alternatives such as POWERADE ZERO, which offers all of the body’s electrolytic needs with zero sugar and calories.

whole wheat pitta pockets 150x150 Best Junk Food SubstitutesWhole-Wheat Pitta Pockets

substitute for potato chips

Just like French fries, potatoes chips are packed full of salt, saturated fats and calories.

So, instead of opening a pack of chips, reach for the pitta bread and a dip such as hummus. This combination is full of fiber, antioxidants and protein.

mineral water with lime 150x150 Best Junk Food SubstitutesMineral Water with Lime

substitute for soda

Sodas are another snack that have zero nutrition, even diet sodas. Drinking lots of soda can lead to tooth decay, obesity, diabetes, and possibly even heart disease.

If you cant stop the craving for fizzy drinks, try sparkling mineral water with a dash of lime. Limes are high in vitamin C and also contain flavonoids with anti-cancer and antibiotic properties.

home cooked popcorn 150x150 Best Junk Food SubstitutesOrganic Stove Popcorn

substitute for microwave popcorn.

The chemicals used to flavor packaged microwave popcorn have been shown to cause a condition known as popcorn lung.

Making your own organic stove popcorn will only reduce your chance of developing the disease, it gives you the chance to control how much flavoring, if any, you put on the popcorn.

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