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How To Cure Hiccups

How To Cure Hiccups

An old wives remedy for curing hiccups that actually works!

We’ve recently posted a couple of articles with advice on the best inexpensive natural home remedies for common health problems, and in keeping with that theme it’s time for one old wives remedy that really does work.
Hiccups typically occur in fairly timid bouts, however when you’re struck down with a relentless case it can quickly turn from a humorous affair to an annoying and embarrassing situation.

There are several old wives remedies on how to cure hiccups drinking water from the upper rim of a glass, getting someone to scare you or make you jump – however in my experience the easiest and most effective way to cure hiccups is to swallow a tablespoon of vinegar. And it’s not just myself, a quick search around the Internet will uncover many forums and blog saying the same thing.

cure hiccups with vinegar How To Cure Hiccups

Cure Hiccups With Vinegar

Image Credit: Andrew Bowden, 2011.

The general advice is to swallow a tablespoon of vinegar, and simply wait for the effects to relieve your symptoms. Apple cider vinegar, good old malt vinegar, either one works, the only problem is getting over the mental issue of swallowing a mouth full of vinegar. Surprisingly, I didn’t find as bad as I thought (I had to say it wasn’t nice) but I did think it was small price to pay to rid myself of the uncontrollable jolting.

I used to a be fan of drinking a water from the upper rim of a glass, I do think this works too, but there’s been several times when hiccuping whilst trying to do so caused the water to go up my nose, or down the wrong way, which resulted in adding fits of coughing to the round of hiccups. Plus you look kind of silly bending over and trying to the drink from the top of a glass.

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