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Gold Nanoparticles Destroy Hepatitis C

Gold Nanoparticles Destroy Hepatitis C

New nanoparticles kill hep C…

Researchers from the University of Florida have developed gold nanoparticles, which they claim can destroy hepatitis C 100 percent of the time.

The gold nanoparticle, dubbed a nanozyme, is coated with two biological agents that work together to eradicate the disease.

The first coat contains an enzyme, which attacks and kills the mRNA that allow hep-C to replicate. The second is string of DNA, which targets the virus and sends the enzyme off to kill it.

Results showed the method to be 100 percent effective, every time in both cell cultures and mice, with no adverse side effects.

gold nanopartilce kills hep c 550x412 Gold Nanoparticles Destroy Hepatitis C

Nanopartilces Destory Hepatitis C

Image Credit: Sean Michael Ragan, 2010.

According to a study at the University of Washington, hepatitis C is now a bigger killer than HIV. And although there are treatments to cure the disease, these only work on patients’ approx. 50 percent of the time.

There are also vaccine solutions to prevent hep C, but the most promising developed by Michael Houghton, the University of Alberta researcher who discovered the disease, is still years away from receiving FDA approval.

Perhaps the main problem, which still needs addressing, is that the common symptoms of the virus depression, joint pain, fatigue are often too vague to diagnose.

Nevertheless, with nanoparticle and vaccines just around the corner, the next decade could see hepatitis C becoming a virus of the past.

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