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Fat Hits The Waist Within 3 Hours

Fat Hits The Waist Within 3 Hours

A new study has found that fat can hit the waistline in just 3 hours…

A new study has found that it takes just 3 hours for fat in our food to deposit around the waist.

The research team, led by obesity expert Prof Fredrik Karpe, made the discovery by asking patients to eat different fatty foods containing traceable carbon isotopes.

By tracking the fat’s path in the body, the researchers were able to see where it dispersed after being in the gut. The team assumed the fat would travel into the bloodstream where it would be taken around the body and burnt off by the muscles, and that excess amount of fat would build up over time, adding to size and weight.

fat hits the waist within 3 hours

Fat Deposits Around The Waist In 3 Hours

Image Credit: Ben Sutherland, 2011.

But to their surprise they found that fat enters the blood within 1 hour, and after 3 hours, up to 10ml of fat – just over 2 tablespoons will have made its way into out adipose tissue, the short term fat stores that are burnt off when we need energy.

Prof. Karpe explained that when people eat excess amount of fat and do not burn off the energy, the fat then moves to the longer-term stores around the hips, thighs and bottom.

The team also found that this process was more pronounced early in the morning, which leads them to believe that having a full-English fry up first thing in morning is not a good way to start the day, especially for those who stay relatively inactive during the day.

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