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Electrodes Could Fix Damaged Brain Tissue

Electrodes Could Fix Damaged Brain Tissue

Researchers are trying to repair brain damage with electrodes…

A controversial new study, which involves tampering with the brains of heavily sedating rats, hopes to uncover new methods of treating conditions such as strokes and Parkinson’s.

The research, being carried out at Israels Tel Aviv University psychology department, aims to replace parts of the brain with digital equipment. Prof Matti Mintz, a psychobiologist at Tel Aviv University who is involved in the international project, explained.

Imagine theres a small area in the brain that is malfunctioning, and imagine that we understand the architecture of this damaged area…

So we try to replicate this part of the brain with electronics.

To do this researchers implant electrode 1 cm deep inside the rat’s brain. The electrodes are then connected to a microchip embedded under the rodents’ skull.

lab rats Electrodes Could Fix Damaged Brain Tissue

Scientists Implants Electrode In Rats Brains To Repair Brain Damage

Image Credit: Jean-Etienne Minh-Duy Poirrier, 2007.

The chip receives sensory information from the brainstem then interprets it and sends the info back just like healthy brain tissue would.

Animal activists claim the research is �?grotesque’ however researchers claim it could lead to discover effective ways of fixing the brain. Prof. Mintz explains:

For example, theres a region of the brain that controls one simple motor movement – breathing…

Right now, if a patient loses this area, theres no way to recover. But if were able in the future to replace such an area that is responsible for very discrete but extremely essential movement, it will be great…

And it is on the horizon.

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