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Early Risers Are More Productive

Early Risers Are More Productive

Waking up early makes you more productive…

For those of you already doing so, it may not come as much of a surprise to find out that waking up early and promptly starting your daily routine actually makes you more productive.

Working from home and making my own hours I can certainly attest to this. Over the years of rolling to my bed-side office often ruled by the hours my girlfriend is working at that time it has always been those early mornings that have lead to the most productive days.

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Early Risers Are More Productive

Now a recent study of 367 students, conducted by Christopher Randler at the University of Education at Heidelberg, adds some hard data to what many have known for years.

Randler analyzed the student’s behavior and mood by asking them a series of questions. He found that the early morning risers were far more likely to answer with statements such as “I feel in charge of making things happen” and “I spend time identifying long-range goals for myself.”

He found that those who wake up earlier get better grades in school, which earned them a spot in a better college, which in turn lands them a better job. And although there are many successful positions that may require one to work, sleep, and wake up late, ‘when it comes to business success, morning people hold the important cards,’ Randler says.

That’s not to say that waking up late is always a bad thing Randler noted other studies which found that evening people ‘tend to be smarter and more creative, have a better sense of humor, and are more outgoing,’- it’s just that waking up late puts you out of sync with typical work (and school) hours, and these are the hours when business is done.

Jocelyn K.Glei over at offers a reasonable explanation as to why the data would agree with such a theory:

“If you’re getting up early, you probably already have a good idea of what you want to accomplish that day – otherwise it would be hard to motivate to get up in the first place. Being an early riser also indicates a natural affinity for ritual and discipline – both key traits of especially productive people.”

Of course not everyone is an early riser, and changing our body clock is not always an easy task. First you should identify what schedule works best for you.

Some of us are prone to nighttime creativity and perhaps for a musician or an artist, this may work out just fine. But if you know you should be waking up early, and you just can’t seem to manage it, here are a few tips:

  • Time your sleep cycles and figure out exactly how much sleep you need.
  • Set at time to wake up, allowing enough time for your optimal amount of sleep.
  • When the alarm goes off, get out of bed immediately. Don’t laze around.
  • Open the curtains, and if the weather permits, take your morning coffee or juice out into the garden. The cool weather and rays from the sun will help your body and mind gear up for the rest of the day.
  • Stick to your morning routine, whatever it may be. Don’t procrastinating and you’ll be on the right track to an active, productive day.

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