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Woman Wants To Be Fattest Person Alive

Woman Wants To Be Fattest Person Alive

Donna Simpson eats 12,000 calories a day trying to become the world’s fattest woman…

A New Jersey woman is on a mission to become the fattest person alive. Donna Simpson, 42, currently weighs 600 lbs but says she wants to add another 400 within a couple of years.

To complete her goal, Simpson is eating as much as 12,000 calories a day and trying to move as little as possible. But eating that much food does not come cheap, Simpson spends over $750 a week on groceries – a bill that’s financed through her website where fans can watch streaming video footage of Simpson as she eats.

The website is the brainchild of boyfriend Philippe, a self confessed fat admire whom Simpson met through an online dating website for the overweight 7 years ago.

Simpson already made the headlines back in 2007 when she became the fattest mother in the world. Simpson weighed 520lbs when she gave birth to daughter Jacqueline in a high-risk Caesarean birth that required a team of 30 medics.

Simpson currently wears XXXXXL size clothes, can’t walk more than 20 ft without sitting down and uses a motorized scooter to run errands. Despite the obvious health risks, Simpson says:

Id love to be 1,000lb

I love eating, and people love watching me eat. It makes people happy, and Im not harming anyone.

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