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Doctors Save Girls Hand By Grafting It To Her Leg

Doctors Save Girls Hand By Grafting It To Her Leg

Ming Li’s hand was saved by grafting it to her leg for three months prior to hand transplant…

In a ground breaking – and equally weird – surgery first, nine-year-old Mang Li had her hand re-transplanted on her arm, after it spent three months grafted to her leg.

Li was run over by a tractor on her way to school in July. When she reached the hospital, surgeons realized that her arm was too damaged for the hand to be reattached.

Instead, they temporarily grafted it to her right calf whilst her arm was given time to recover. Now after three months Li’s hand is back on her arm and is slowly regaining function.

ming li hand grafted to leg prior to transplant

Ming Li

Details of the procedure are rather scant, however I’m assuming that some reconstructive surgery was performed on her arm prior to the hand transplant.

Dr Hou Jianxi, spokesman for the hospital in Zhengzhou, Henan Province told reporters:

When she came in, her left hand was completely severed from her body. It was very scary,

But Ming Li can now move her wrist again and her left hand is a healthy pink colour proving that the blood is circulating well. [Zhoukou Evening Post.]

Dr. Hou said that Li will need another two operations to improve her hand functions and remove the scars, but he is confident that with plenty of physiotherapy, her and should be ‘capable of doing most things.’

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