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Mans Flesh Grows Over Prison Chains

Mans Flesh Grows Over Prison Chains

Chinese man shackled so tightly that his skin grew around the chains…

A Chinese man whose arms were bound so tightly in an illegal prison that his skin and flesh grew around the chains, is now looking for donations to help pay for surgery to remove the chains.

Zhang Chuanqiu, 27, was chained to cowshed by village officials in 2005 in Hunan, southern China, over a loan dispute to build his house.

skin grows over mans prison chains

Zhang Chuanqiu Horrific Injury From Prison Chains

Zhang told the press how his mother was the only person who didn’t give up on him during his incarceration.

With watchful eyes on Zhang, his mother had to carefully plan and wait for the right time before she could help her son break out.

zhang chuanqiu chains in arms

Zhang Chuanqiu’s Skin Growing Over Prison Chains

When the time finally came, the two successfully escaped and found refuge with a poor family who offered them a place to stay. Chen Zuheng, the villager who took them in told the Austrian Times:

Zhang and his mother appeared at our door to beg for food. I looked at Zhang’s hands. There was puss coming out of the wounds and there was chains in his wrists. It was a terrible sight. [Austrian Times]

Surgeons have told Zhang that it will cost 1,000 GBP to have the chains removed. Zhang explained how the chains caused him extreme pain, and how he hoped that the good will of others would save his hands:

They are always inflamed and ooze pus all the time. But we have no money so I have to rely on charity or the good heart of a hospital or doctor to save my hands. []

If you are interested following Zhang’s story and possibly making a donation, you can find out more information here>>>

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