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Boy Develops Fish Scales

Boy Develops Fish Scales

A rare disease is causing Song Sheng’s skin to peel off like fish scales…

A 14-month old baby boy, from Jinhu, eastern China, has developed a rare disease which causes his skin to peel of like fish scales.

Doctors think Song Sheng, called fish-boy by locals, is suffering from an autosomal recessive disorder known as Lamella ichthyosis.

With no pores in his skin, Sheng can not sweat or lose heat. This causes his skin to peel away in fish-like scales.

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Song Sheng Lamellar Ichtyosis

Sheng began developing scales within days of his birth. Since then his parents have fought hard to relieve his symptoms by bathing him in ice.

However, doctors say there is no cure for the genetic condition.

Song Dehui, his father, said:

Doctors said the fish skin is caused by the sealed skin which has no pores and inner heat and sweat cannot be expelled out

In the summer he has to lie on ice cubes to lower the body temperature otherwise he’l have a high fever all the time.

He is in a lot of pain all the time and if we dont have enough ice he gets a fever.

It can be treated but not cured so we are praying for a miracle or a folk medicine cure,

Both Sheng’s hands and feet are like aged tree bark, and his head is bald without a piece of hair. Flesh can be seen on his broken lips and ears. The baby even does not have teeth and eyebrows.

Lamellar ichthyosis is a rare inherited skin disorder, affecting around 1 in 600,000 people.

Journalism Without Borders is now accepting donations to help treat Song.

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